About The Creative Business Strategist


I help faith-based service professionals and entrepreneurs strategize their next level of growth and monetize their God-given influence, gifts and talents to create a profitable brand.

Many clients call me their midwife, as I have helped many birthed their business dreams! I have trained and coached over 500+ entrepreneurs in developing their business ideas, branding and marketing plans and game changing strategies which have catapulted their businesses to the next level. I have done this through strategy sessions, workshops, masterclasses, digital products and one on one coaching.


I would like to help YOU do the same!

Your #1 Creative Business Strategist ready to help you give birth to your next level of growth

Hi Chelsea Johnson,

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About The Company

The Creative Business Strategist is a business coaching and support company specializing in helping faith based service professionals and entrepreneurs in business planning, strategy development, marketing, branding and support services. We work with entrepreneurs who are open to change and ready to put in the work to make their God – given dreams come alive. God has given us as kingdom minded entrepreneurs creative ideas, dreams, and insight, but the challenge in some cases is that we don’t know where to start or we don’t have the confidence to become all that He has predestined.


At TCBS we take the business process and simplify it. We believe in doing business God’s way implementing prayer, His promises He proclaimed in his Word, faith, planning and executing.

Our commitment to see our customers succeed is our driving motivator. Our expertise lies in our ability to listen, perceive your vision and help you set a course of action! We do guarantee that you will succeed quicker with us cheering you on the side lines, than going it alone. We are here to partner with you to jump start to your God – ordained success today!


It takes a uniquely skilled person to intuitively tap into stagnant potential. Chelsea didn't just gave me insight but made sure I had the right tools to realize my goals -

J Miranda, Author & HR Consultant, Canada

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Why I started TCBS

Some 10 years ago, when I started my business Autumn Crop Jewelry I was new to the concept. Let alone having the audacity to open a business in the heart of downtown, selling online and having my jewelry in stores, magazines, blogs and media. Every time I asked someone something about business everyone was mummed. I took my que from watching bigger brands, investing in self-development, coaching and believing God as I went along. I learned a few things: Business is not for the faint at heart and business is a faith move!


In the time of Autumn Crop Jewelry I was able to secure over $90K in capital to expand the brand, build a team and work with international brands. Our brand made it in British Vogue, Tatler (London's oldest magazine), Conde Naste Travelers and Brides and many other blogs and papers. When I started in business I wanted to find something like this that could help me navigate through the marketplace. I couldn’t find it, so I created it! So many entrepreneurs and those who were aspiring came and asked me questions over and over again about how I did it. As I helped them get started or restarted in some cases they succeeded and did so quickly! I taught persons to use prayer and planning while executing.  


My background is in business management, HR, Executive Management and planning. Design is a gift that I chose to follow because I wanted to be in charge of my own financial future.


The Creative Business Strategist is a combination of my knowledge and experience. I have put together what I have learned professionally in the industry to make you the entrepreneur look and operate just like any other brand globally. One day I took the leaped and started coaching professionally and in the past 5 years I have helped over 500+ entrepreneurs to experience growth in their business that they can see and touch.


Why Work With Chelsea

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If your value aligns with ours and you feel led to in your heart to reach out and connect, please by all means do so! There are countless other consultants and coaches that do what we do at The Creative Business Strategist. However, our goal is to help you tap into your faith with God, your gifts and talents He has given to you to help you create the wealth He promised you.


We have worked with so many entrepreneurs in different industries and we have a great pool of professionals and resources to help you grow. Through TCBS you will have that access to them to help you create that profitable brand you desire. We are experienced, and we have been through the ropes and know what it takes to make it happen! We live what we talk about, plus we want to see you succeed, because we know that you can

How Do We Work Together

There are a few ways we can work together. 

Book a Discovery Call where we chat 45 mins about a specific challenge you are facing, you can run an idea by me or you can pick my brain. Please note this is not a strategy or coaching session.

Book a 2 hour strategy session where we connect on zoom and strategize a project, a next major move, or how you can monetize your skills. 

Book one of our intensive coaching sessions where you get to work with me one on one for a longer period of time while you build your confidence to launch, position yourself as the expert in your field, monetize your influence or develop strategies that grow your business.