Private Coaching


That is the outcome of one-on-one business coaching sessions with me, Chelsea Johnson,
The Creative Business Strategist. My coaching sessions are designed to:

  • Position you as the expert in your field

  • Monetize your influence

  • Develop strategies that grow your business.

As business owners, most of us know what we want, but we do not know where to start. Or we may have encountered obstacles that have derailed our goals. But the right plan plus the right process still produces the right outcome. If you feel stuck, discouraged, or overwhelmed, get help from someone who has been in similar circumstances, and knows how to get you moving in the right direction!

We will collaborate on an actionable, easy-to-follow roadmap that leads to success. Our coaching programs are designed to give you a competitive edge, play with the “big boys,” and attract the right clients. That means, before you know it, you will be earning and maximizing revenue. Which of these coaching packages is the best fit for you?


Check out your options, then call me so we can get started!

Working from Home

Intensive Half Day Coaching Session

Our Half-Day Intensive develops strategies and structures to grow your business.


This service is great for entrepreneurs or business owners who:

  • Need a clear, actionable plan to implement a new product or service

  •  Need to structure their business

  • Need to develop a marketing plan

  • Need a strategy to overcome specific business challenges.

This coaching initiative is extremely focused. From our Intensive session together you will:

  • Gain clarity on the next steps required to produce a particular outcome.

  • Develop strategies to execute a business growth plan.

  • Access tools and resources to help you achieve specific business goals.

This coaching package includes:

  • 5 hour Online Strategy Session

  • Session Recording

  • Checklist of Resource & Tools

Man Using a Tablet

Monetize Your Influence Coaching

If you are an executive or professional who wants to monetize your influence and expertise, this process will guide you to success.

Whether you are preparing to launch out on your own from a corporate job, or seeking a strategy for supplementary income, you will benefit from coaching that sets the trajectory for your next level of growth.

In these sessions we will:

  • Strategize a six month Growth Plan.

  • Develop your business model by identifying your niche, target audience, and pricing.

  • Implement your strategies and launch together.

  • Create or customize your online presence.

  • Create a month-to-month marketing plan with integrated scheduling.

  • Refine your operational structure.

  • Create your money bucket.

  • Create your “Big Business” Plan.

  • Develop a public relations plan.

  • Develop your speaking platform.

  • Create a plan to monetize your expertise.

  • Create your very own “signature” event or course.

This coaching series includes:

  • An initial 3-4 hour Strategy Session

  • Four, 1 hour Work Strategy Sessions over a two month period

  • Session Recordings

  • Email & Chat support between coaching sessions

  • Client folder (online)

  • Checklist of Tools and Resources

Business Consultation

Accelerated Coaching Sessions

In these coaching sessions, we work together for one month to launch your new product, service, or initiative. This package is perfect for professionals who already have a clear idea of what they want to do and are ready to launch their product or service offerings.

In a series of progressive sessions leading up to launch, we develop:

  • Business structure

  • Branding and marketing

  • Pricing

  • Sales Systems (including proposal preparation)

  • Sales Strategies (Online & Offline)

  • Other Systems and Tools for effective operations and strong business growth.

In these session we will:

  • Strategize a three month growth plan.

  • Develop your business model.

  • Create or customize your online presence.

  • Create an aggressive, one-month marketing plan.

  • Implement your strategies and launch together.

This coaching series includes:

  • Initial 2 hour Strategy Session

  • Two 30 minute follow-up Work Strategy Sessions

  • Session Recordings

  • Email & Chat support between coaching sessions

  • Client folder (online)

  • Checklist of Tools and Resources

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