Here's what others have to say about Chelsea 

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Dominique Smith,

Social Media Marketer, BVS

I had the pleasure of participating in Chelsea's branding class for a business start up initiative. She was extremely engaging and the content was indeed very beneficial to my business start up process and the continued growth. Chelsea is very knowledgeable in her field and she has the personality to match! I would recommend her branding services to any entrepreneur looking to startup, rebrand or grow their business.


Baroness Angelika Christie,

Prosper on Purpose LIfe Coach

"You are so great at what you do... you deliver. I can say that with total conviction. Why? Because I have experienced your know how’s and total dedication to your clients, including me"


Reva Dean,


Chelsea exceptional levels of her ideas, imagination and self development skills, her teachinges has transformed my life to tremendous heights, growth and success

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Maxine Butler,

Boutique Owner

Working along with Chelsea in her 4 weeks session gave me so much confidence and expectations of hope, for the remainder of the year despite covid 19. This class taught me there are other ways to expand your business by doing it online.


Indira Moss,

Fashion Designer, ILASHAN

My experience with the coaching can be summed up in two words, inspiring and enlighting! If you really take the information and advice, and commit to doing your part to applying it to your business, you will see positive results

Romana Carey.jpg

Romana Carey

Entrepreneur, Crush Velvet

As a business owner I just recently chose to implement some of the strategies that Chelsea had recommended to me for some time now. I can truly say that I am seeing the results from her easy and in some cases free marketing strategies. My visibility in the market has improved which has led to a noticable increase in sales. I am so grateful to her for showing me what to do and how to do it. If your goals include effectively branding your business, growing sales and improving marketing strategies I recommend that you visit her website to view her services and contact her to see how she can help you.


Murray Sweeting,

QuickBooks Specialist

What better way to spend the first part of a new year than in a creative session with the amazing and talented Chelsea Johnson, The Creative Business Strategist. She brings years of experience in innovation, entrepreneurship, financial analysis and helps breaks down your goals for the new year into bite size pieces which you can easily digest and convert to action. And she loves The Lord and brings kingdom principles into the mix. Thanks for the amazing tools you provided Chelsea. I can't speak highly enough of you. 


Lashon Fothergill,

Message Therapist

I recommend The Creative Business Strategist to every entrepreneur that want's their business to succeed. I've learnt so much from Chelsea Johnson as a sister, friend and employee. The strategies really work. Its Amazing, I'm bless !! Thanks Chelly


Rayeisa Basden


it can be so difficult sometimes to put a price on what we’ve created. There’s so much advice out there on pricing and how to pay yourself but she has simplified it. I also loved that the class is tailored to micro, small and major businesses; it is suitable for any size! Chelsea’s delivery is real, raw, rare & authentically Bahamian!

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Debbie Sears-Barnard,

Transformational Coach

"Chelsea has amazing energy. She brought her knowledge, skills and ability to my strategy session. She shared valuable insights that I could immediately translate to moving my business forward.


Olivia Ferguson,

Entrepreneur & Forex Trader

Chelsea workshop was very informative. The guest speakers and host were very strategic and precise in the way they delivered their teaching. I really enjoyed it.